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Love Notes

"Bria was fantastic! We had a very DIY wedding and she was crucial in making it all come together. She coordinated our wedding party flipping the room from ceremony to reception and everything was perfect! My now husband and I even had some time to ourselves while our guests were mingling. Bria was really great at keeping us on track during planning and making sure all details were accounted for and communicated. It was such a relief to turn everything over to her the week before and know it was in good hands. I’d highly recommend!"


"Bria was the wedding coordinator for my daughter's wedding in August, 2017.  During the wedding planning process, my daughter mentioned Bria's name often, as in: "Bria will take care of this" or "Bria will have that planned out".  I can say now that the wedding day would have been absolutely difficult and disastrous had Bria not coordinated all the large and minute details of this important day!  Bria's attention to detail was FABULOUS!  She was a great collaborative coordinator, listening to the bride and groom's hopes for their big day, and planning the schedule accordingly. Throughout the day, Bria never took a break - she stayed on her feet until the end, fielding any difficulties that occurred.  We had such an enjoyable, relaxing, day, and we owe that great experience to Bria's diligence and attentiveness. 


"Bria is an outstanding wedding planner.  It was a wonderful relief to be able to entrust all of our planning to her few weeks before the wedding so that we could focus on moving and other things.  She worked with the caterers and florist to make sure everything would be spot-on and go according to plan.  Bria is also extremely efficient and professional, and she made everyone feel welcome and at ease in the venue.  I always thought managing and planning our wedding would be stressful, but with Bria at the helm it was as though the wedding and reception ran themselves perfectly.  I could not have been happier with Bria as our wedding planner and I highly recommend her.  


Bria did an absolutely incredible job planning our wedding. She was well organized, solved problems before we even knew there was a problem, and maintained a professional demeanor with us, our guests, and our vendors. Our wedding would not have been as perfect as it was without her help. We are so grateful we made the decision to hire her and we cannot recommend her services enough.